Managed Connectivity

Orchestrate your network

You are looking for a solution that ...

  • includes a guaranteed SLA for your network?
  • is always up to date in terms of technology and security?
  • grows with your company?

... and of course also

  • provides better service visibility through monitoring?
  • with calculable running costs and capex?
  • frees up your IT team for business-relevant tasks?

cello:connect is a fully managed enterprise network service

and is divided into LAN, WLAN and security modules.

Just the way you need it

80% coverage of customer-specific requirements:

1. Selection of service components
2. «Custom Building Blocks» (CBB)

Service components

  • Standard products
  • Standard HW/SW manufacturer
  • Standard configuration
  • Optional port configuration

Service Management

  • Erprobte Prozesse
  • Vor-integrierte Tools
  • «Best practice» Architektur und Design
  • Optionale Services

20% Custom Building Blocks (CBB)

  • DC network
  • WAN connections
  • Cloud connections
  • Advanced security, DDI
  • Enhanced assurance and visibility

The right instrument for every ensemble


  • LAN, WLAN and Security Service
  • Fully managed
  • Guaranteed SLA (variants)
  • Support of additional functionalities (L3 Segmenting,
    redundancy, ...)
  • Various "turn-on" security options
  • Off the shelf dashboard & reporting
  • High availability, compliance, suitable for business critical
    Applications on the LAN / WLAN network infrastructure
  • «IoT ready»

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