Building Automation (MCR)SPIE offers an innovative ecosystem of services for the technical management of buildings

SPIE offers you turnkey solutions in building automation (MCR) to optimize your energy production, improve your comfort, while reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Ensure the safety of property and people
  • Increase the reliability of the installations and make them more sustainable
  • Optimize operating and operating costs
  • Address energy challenges and respect the environment

A global quality solution

Airports, hotels, shopping malls, pharmaceutical industries, datacenters, hospitals, villas or housing? Regardless of the type of building, you can contact SPIE for all your HVAC*, sanitary, energy or electrical installations. From consulting to implementation, including technical analysis, engineering, project monitoring, testing and commissioning, as well as centralized technical management, SPIE ensures your well-being by offering innovative solutions with high technical added value.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Cooling equipment
  • Process heat and cooling


  • Smart Energy: Energy management systems for renewable energy deployment, resulting in cost savings, efficiency gains and a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Smart FM: Unified digital platform to make life easier for users and technicians, ensure the comfort and safety of goods and people, optimize the energy performance of equipment by focusing on its proper operation.

  • Smart Workspace: Monitor space utilization through intelligent technologies, such as motion, temperature or localized presence detection, to improve building performance by reducing energy consumption.

  • Smart Wellbeing: Smart solutions to improve CO2, light and noise levels; create spaces that cultivate a reinvigorated, creative and productive work culture.

  • Smart Industry: Thanks to its expertise in new technologies ( IoT#), SPIE is developing the traditional production chain in many industries, in order to optimise the production chain and its performance, save energy and materials, secure production sites and reduce operating and maintenance costs.


  • A single point of contact: You benefit from the skills of a multidisciplinary team and a single point of contact for your entire project. Linking electrical and HVAC systems in a global approach, helps you to perpetuate your assets, reduce your costs and offers you all the performance and safety guarantees you require.

  • Meeting commitments: It is by guaranteeing the quality and continuity of all our services that we ensure our own future. That is why at SPIE, we are particularly attentive to the respect of our commitments. Our services are carried out by competent and qualified personnel who share the same spirit of service. Heat recovery systems.

  • Our solutions: Our automation solutions are open, allowing easy integration with other systems and the possibility of upgrading them later.

  • More energy efficiency: In perfect coordination with project managers and engineering offices, we offer functional solutions designed to increase occupant comfort, save and reduce costs, while remaining environmentally friendly.

  • Passionate employees ready to meet your every wish: Our staff is our main asset. That is why we continuously invest in his training. A situation that benefits everyone: us, them and you.


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