Smart ParkingIntelligent parking services to improve land use

Providing reliable and accurate real-time information for car park operators and local authorities

  • High-grade vehicle detector
  • Not affected by weather conditions (lighting, weather)
  • Only snapshots required (no video streams)
  • Can be operated immediately after installation
  • Basic accuracy level of 99% which can be improved with site-specific calibration


Smart parking uses computer images and deep learning algorithms to determine parking capacity usage and the duration of image feeds in order to enable intelligent parking services.

  • Standardised data structure
  • Standardised data access
  • Statistics and occupancy forecasting
  • Cisco Spark integration
  • Status messages
  • Bookings (via IoT devices)

The system could also be used for traffic management, bicycle parking, freight, transport loads, or in a bus depot.

Depending on the site configuration, cameras at fixed points can cover 20 to 300 parking spaces.

Alternative modules:

  • Recording cars not in delimited spaces
  • Available spaces
  • Calculating precise parking time
  • Detecting parking violations


Technologies are used to prevent privacy violations. 

  • Low-resolution images¬†are used
  • Faces and vehicle signs cannot be identified
  • Number plates can be anonymised before analysis
  • Data deleted immediately after evaluation


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