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SPIE MTSMutli-Technical Services

SPIE MTS offers a comprehensive selection of multi-technical services drawing on a wide range of skills and expertise.


In both urban and rural areas, access to reliable transport infrastructure, clean transport, efficient communication networks, intelligent and environmentally friendly buildings must be a priority. This is the conviction of SPIE MTS, which designs and implements innovative solutions, from building renovation to transport and communications management.

SPIE MTS works to promote sustainable urban mobility by contributing to the development of low or no-polluting transport. The Group also plays a major role in traffic improvement, through intelligent systems designed to optimize vehicle management and provide real-time information to operators, drivers and users. Finally, SPIE MTS improves and secures transport infrastructure (roads, motorways, airports, railways).

SPIE MTS supports municipalities and cantons in many aspects of their development. Indeed, communities today advocate borderless communication, including in regional areas, while cities are reinventing themselves to offer their inhabitants an environmentally friendly living environment. In this context, SPIE supports local authorities and companies in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of their telecoms networks. The Group also provides many urban facilities to build cities that are less polluted, better lit and more secure thanks to its expertise in outdoor networks and street lighting.

SPIE MTS brings its expertise to the development of residential and commercial buildings. From electricity to security, including telecoms, home automation, multimedia, video surveillance and access control networks, SPIE helps to optimise the efficiency of buildings. The Group's objective remains to reduce energy costs and improve its carbon footprint, while preserving the comfort and durability of its equipment.



Throughout French-speaking Switzerland, SPIE MTS SMART BUILDING SA offers a comprehensive range of multi-technical services based on a wide range of skills and expertise.

SPIE MTS SMART BUILDING SA offers services in electrical engineering, security, telecommunications, computer networks, home automation and multimedia to a diversified clientele, both private and public. Recognized specialists in the voice-data-image integration of intelligent buildings, it equips luxury residences and hotels, administrative buildings (schools, leisure and culture) and tertiary establishments (head offices, health).



Throughout French-speaking Switzerland, SPIE MTS offers a comprehensive range of multi-technical services based on a wide range of skills and expertise.

Our operating companies have expertise in external electrical infrastructure in the fields of transport and energy, local authorities and telecommunications networks. They also support you in all industrial and energy production sectors. Recognized specialists in all areas of transport, our solutions aim to create "intelligent infrastructures" that contribute to improving the quality and safety of travel, better satisfy users and reduce environmental impact.


Competent, experienced and yet still flexible – these are the qualities that our customers value in us.

For our customers, our employees design, implement and operate innovative and sustainable solutions which enable customers’ infrastructure facilities, cities, factories and houses to function smoothly on a daily basis.

We are proud that our work ensures efficient and reliable business communications for our customers.

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