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Fanac & Robas SA

is offering a range of services in the fields of electrical installations and studies for high and low voltages.

We also provide a range of turnkey solutions in the fields of telecommunications, universal cabling networks for buildings, and fibre-optic network installations.

Viscom System SA

With Viscom System’s expertise as your foundation, you can implement all of your projects in the Vaud region (from the most ambitious to the most basic) with total peace of mind.

Significant investment is continually being made at all levels of the company to ensure a high-quality service and stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Viscom System’s total mastery of different conflicting areas enables them to offer not only a holistic view but also global, personalised solutions.



We have extensive experience in installing general electricity for buildings. 

From mansions to rental apartment blocks, we have tailored our implementation processes to meet the specific requirements of each market. As a hardware integrator, we are able to offer the equipment best suited to each individual project.

We work in both renovations and new builds. Our more than fifty years on the Geneva market serve as a sign of confidence for our customers, who include architects, developers, real estate agencies, general contractors and agents.

As regards a building’s home automation and energy efficiency, we have extensive in-house experience that even includes offering certified energy performance contracts.


We have completed numerous electrical installations for administrative buildings, company headquarters and office spaces. 

We work in all high-voltage electricity sectors:

  • Power installation, lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, utility power supplies (HVAC etc.)

For low voltages, our expertise covers all the needs of these tertiary installations:

  • Computer cabling, security equipment (video, access, fire etc.), signage, home automation

In the field of telecommunications, we meet all of your needs from installation of the telephone exchange through to implementing all voice, data or image lines. 

Our experience in energy efficiency for the large-scale tertiary sector allows us to put all of our expertise to work to create an energy efficiency approach that even includes energy performance contracts.

Sensitive buildings

We have extensive experience in studies and project implementation for this very specific sector.

We are well versed in the standards and directives applicable to works of this kind. We know how to ensure the necessary quality in implementing this specific equipment, whether for doctor’s practices, healthcare facilities or operating theatres.

Public buildings

Public spaces play a significant role in a town’s image and activities.

Building on our many years of experience in implementing nurseries, schools, community halls and leisure and sports centres, we have all the ingredients necessary to successfully complete these projects in accordance with the specific directives applicable to social and educational establishments.


We are able to adapt to all kinds of commercial facilities, from mass retail to luxury arcades. 

Our experience and organisation mean that we can meet your particular implementation requirements and deadlines to deliver a site in line with your schedule. 

We are able to take care of all high-voltage, low-voltage and telecom installations and any applications specific to your work.

Fanac & Robas

for a personal consultation

Fanac & Robas SA
Rue de Lyon 107
1203 Genève

Phone: +41 22 339 77 30

Viscom Systems SA

for a personal consultation

Viscom System SA
Avenue des Alpes 29
1820 Montreux

Phone: +41 21 965 31 21


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