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  • Commercial employee E/M profile
  • IT specialist with VET diploma
  • Mediamatician with VET diploma
  • Electrical designer with VET diploma
  • Electronics technician with VET diploma
  • Assembly Electrician with VET diploma
  • Network Electrician with VET diploma

SPIE, ambitious for the future

With our divisions SPIE ICS (Information Communication Services), SPIE MTS (Multi-Technical Services) and SPIE IFS (Integral Facility Services) our 6 sites offer services across Switzerland in the sectors Smart City, Energies, e-fficient Buildings and Industry Services.

We provide our customers with smart solutions, tapping into new turnover opportunities, increasing customer satisfaction and designing the innovative workplaces of the future.

Insights into apprenticeships at SPIE Switzerland

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You perform a variety of activities as part of SPIE’s administration: you draft letters, minutes and contracts in both your native and foreign languages, prepare reports, develop concepts, promote products, advise customers, establish agreements with suppliers, clarify, procure, plan, organise, run bookkeeping, compile statistics and more.


Computer science is a broad professional field which is changing quickly, and therefore requires a constant willingness to learn. The specialisation options in this field are system technology, application development and business computing. Each specialisation has different requirements and calls for the corresponding skills.

Mediamatician with VET DIPLOMA

Mediamaticians’ tasks include making websites for their company or employer. They prepare information for the internet and new media, design and maintain intranets, create advertising materials, and compile documentation. They also prepare printed materials. They plan the project schedule and select the relevant technical tools to meet the clients’ or managers’ needs.


You design and draft project plans and develop detailed plans for actual construction. Building installation technology covers the local distribution of electrical energy, e.g. from lighting, heating or communication systems, in residential, office and industrial buildings.
Electrical designers plan and draft the building’s power supply in detail and ensure that all corresponding work is executed correctly. You will plan simple systems on your own, whilst more complex tasks will be coordinated with an engineer.


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Electronics technicians work with other specialists to develop and implement electronic hardware and software. Assembling highly electronically sophisticated components and modules (hardware) and programming them via a computer (software) are becoming increasingly important compared with traditional soldering work on circuit boards.

Electronics technicians understand a lot of English terms, as this is a widely used language in electronics. They manufacture electronic devices and systems, measure and test them, and often also produce associated technical documentation.

Assembly Electrician WITH VET DIPLOMA

Assembly electricians are jointly responsible (with electrical fitters) for electrical installations. They install electricity, telephone, internet, TV and radio connections in both private houses and business. They establish routes from domestic junction boxes to sockets within buildings.

Network Electrician WITH VET DIPLOMA

Network electricians primarily work outside and in teams. They are involved in new builds and conversions and in maintaining low-voltage and high-voltage cable systems, communication and data cable systems, overhead lines, cable distribution cabinets, switch and transformer stations, public lighting, and catenary lines for public transport. Safety is a key topic: they protect themselves against the dangers of electricity, and must be able to completely rely on the other members of their team. These professionals comply fully with work safety, health protection and environmental protection requirements. This job has three specialist areas: energy, telecommunications and catenary lines.


  • Secondary school or equivalent education level completed with good results
  • Interest in sector-specific work
  • Passion for computer work (touch typist)
  • Conscientious and showing initiative
  • Quick grasp
  • Open, sociable and team-minded


  • The opportunity to discover various departments within our company during your training
  • A cooperative working atmosphere
  • A modern, well-equipped workplace
  • Payment of all school costs (including books)


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