The reality of work: complex and opaque
  • Complexity of the IT infrastructure
  • Volatile business requirements
  • Increased cost awareness
  • New forms of customer interaction
  • Increasing need for security and compliance
  • New ways of cooperation with partners and employees
We analyse your situation and help your company to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and security while saving costs.
By outsourcing the day-to-day basic routines, you have more time to focus on the strategic direction and management of your business. Our managed services are called Cello because they are very versatile, just like the instrument itself. The two main advantages are:

Solid infrastructure

Build up a future-proof, secure and efficient network and benefit from our advanced analytics and strong expertise



Inspire your customers and employees
with convincing user experiences and secure the knowledge base of your company

cello:managed-services open up the future of work for you: As a security-providing individual service or in the interaction of various services, you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams by benefiting from the experience and possibilities of large companies. Completely independent of industry.
With the cello:suite you have the right choice of balanced services, whether as a solo instrument or in combination as in an orchestra:
With cello:managed-services tailored to your company, you take the step into the future of work.

Our value proposition


  • Complexity of the technical solution remains hidden
  • Predefined service access profiles according to purpose & scope of functions
  • Fast onboarding
  • Service Portal for Self Service and Reporting

Comprehensive secure enterprise solution

  • Comprehensive features for high demands
  • High availability and guaranteed service level agreement
  • Optimum security, managed from a Swiss service centre
  • Customer-specific scaling and expansion
  • «IoT ready»

Cost efficiency

  • Pay-per-use model
  • No renewal investments
  • Calculable costs over the term
  • No capital commitment in assets
  • Cost transparent, consolidated invoice

cello:managed-services by SPIE Switzerland

Self-service portal: 
Simple overview, online adaptations, flexibly scalable.

Fixed price: 
Predefined price for services, monthly payment.

Operational responsibility lies with SPIE.

Service Manager: 
Central contact point for all questions regarding IT operations.

Report on all services at the push of a button.

Always up to date. Approvals are carried out by SPIE.


Cello Manged Services - all advantages in your hand

  • Focus on innovation and strategy, not maintenance
  • Improve the performance of your business
  • Strengthen brand loyalty through better customer and employee experiences
  • Enable your employees to work when and where they want
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Scale flexibly with pay-as-you-go solutions
  • Gain access to the latest versions and flexible software distribution
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