Trustmetric enables the measurement and continuous improvement of cyber maturity, identifies potential vulnerabilities and provides targeted recommendations for improvement.

  • Proactively identify of vulnerabilities
  • Get a reliable assessment of your cyber maturity
  • Compare your cyber maturity with that of other organisations
  • Prioritise security measures for continuous improvement of cyber security
  • Support with risk assessments for business relationships
  • Invest in the security of the digital ecosystem

Find out how your
ecosystem stacks up in
terms of cyber maturity.

Improve the performance
and security of your

Operate with confidence
in the digital world to optimise
your security practices.

Build trust, strengthen security

TrustMetric is an indispensable tool for improving digital trust in your organisation.

With this service from SPIE, you not only proactively identify vulnerabilities, but also prioritise security measures and automatically compare your cyber maturity against industry standards.

Thanks to the automation of the assessment process, companies save costly resources and can strategically improve their security measures.

Ecosystem of trust

TrustMetric is designed to give companies an accurate insight into their cybersecurity ecosystem of trust.

Six areas of analysis

TrustMetric focuses on a wide range of analysis areas, including WEB-TLS/SSL, messaging, cybersecurity controls, vulnerabilities, attack surface and cyber incidents. All this information is publicly available, just as it would be to potential hackers.

These reports provide key insights into potential vulnerabilities and risk areas that serve as the basis for targeted improvements.

Investment in the security of your digital ecosystem

With the purchase of a TrustMetric license, an organization gains the ability to audit itself or another organization (partners, suppliers, customers, etc.) on a daily basis over a 365-day period. This continuous auditing and assessment allows TrustMetric users to maintain an accurate overview of their cybersecurity situation.

TrustMetric offers concrete suggestions for improvement that are based on the vulnerabilities identified in the reports and current cybersecurity best practices and standards. In this way, TrustMetric enables companies not only to understand their current security situation, but also to take concrete steps to improve their cybersecurity strategy.

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