SPIE contributes to the modernisation of the Pont-Rouge district in Geneva


With its commitment to facing up to the current climate challenges, SPIE Switzerland recently completed the multi-technical building installations for which it was commissioned in the Pont-Rouge district of Geneva. The aim of the project was to guarantee the intelligent and efficient operation of buildings through strict compliance with the standards set out by SNBS Bâtiment, in addition to the Minergie standards in force in Switzerland.

SPIE contributes to the modernisation of the Pont-Rouge district in Geneva

Sustainable renovation of the Pont-Rouge district

Work commenced on 1 February 2021 with more than 90 SPIE Switzerland employees was successfully completed in the third quarter of 2023.
The new business district in Geneva, Pont-Rouge, is characterised by an island consisting of four buildings, covering a total surface area of around 100,000 m² and offering around 5,000 individual work spaces. SPIE Switzerland took charge of the electrical installations for the Alto Pont-Rouge and Esplanade buildings.

SPIE aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings by promoting the efficient use of energy with the aim of helping to build a more sustainable, responsible and inclusive world. That is why SPIE Switzerland has committed to meeting the SNBS certification criteria in order to ensure a future-oriented project that will provide ecological, social and economic sustainability. This brings us a step closer to the energy transition and contributes to energy savings.

According to Laurent Bequet, head of the Smart Building department at SPIE Switzerland: "the Alto Pont-Rouge and Esplanade projects in Geneva are based on a shared vision of innovation and sustainability and perfectly embody modern urbanisation."

Cutting-edge multi-technical installations

SPIE Switzerland has provided the electrical installations for the several tens of thousands of square metres of office and commercial space that the two buildings offer, as well as the tree-lined terraces of the Pont-Rouge district. The work included the connection of the buildings to the electricity grid, the installation of access control and camera surveillance systems, the automated management of heating and lighting systems, the shading system for the glass on the façade, network distribution within and outside of the building and the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. SPIE also installed fire safety systems in the two buildings, including the installation of fire dampers, a connected evacuation system and a stairwell pressurisation system.

The team, led by Sébastien Mermier, project manager in the Smart Building department at SPIE Switzerland, took responsibility for the viability of the project: the inventory of installations, the upstream planning, the interface between public and private service companies and, lastly, the performance of the works in compliance with SNBS quality standards. The main objective of the project is to contribute to the intelligent and sustainable urbanisation of the city of Geneva.

"The main challenge posed by this project was the coordination of the various interactions between SPIE Switzerland and the other tradespeople, as well as the need to anticipate the human and material resources required based on the progress of the project, while also ensuring quality control for compliance with the SNBS standards," stated Sébastien Mermier.

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