Digital Transformation

In the initial phase, a clear understanding of your objectives, your business processes, the environment in which your company is evolving, as well as the collection of relevant information (audit), allows you to establish the foundations of support for a successful digital transformation.

SPIE's digital transformation expertise is based on a range of digital technologies mastered by its internal and external departments.

The value that SPIE ICS offers you is based on five key assets that are essential to the success of your digital transformation:

  • In-depth knowledge of technologies and the ICT sector through rich and diversified experience acquired on strategic and operational projects with our customers
  • Innovation is at the heart of our professional practice, whether it concerns new technologies or changes in the mental and societal environment
  • The contribution of proven methods allowing to take into account all the strategic, technical, financial and human dimensions of the projects
  • The experience of multidisciplinary teams in the strategic and operational accompaniment of numerous structures active in the sector of information systems and digitisation
  • The culture of impact and results, focusing on the critical issues of your transformation

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