Protection of employees through social distancing

Support your employees in complying with the prescribed behaviour patterns thanks to real-time information.

  • Distance analysis
  • Occupancy of conference rooms
  • people counting in the office
  • Occupancy of community offices
  • Hygiene reminders

Prevention at work

Two main preventive measures must be implemented: Social Distancing (at least two meters distance) between colleagues and avoiding groups of more than 5 people.

However, these guidelines are quickly forgotten in a lively discussion.

We offer you a solution that is individually tailored to the daily challenges and needs and optimally supports your employees in implementing the specified protective measures.

Inform employees immediately

Our solution enables not only the analysis but also the immediate information via several communication channels.

Display on screens in

  • Common rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Cisco Webex Systems

Information also via 

  • Intranet / Information platforms
  • Miniature information displays

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