Newsletter #1 SPIE E-Mobility

Newsletter #1

Already in our first newsletter we have exciting things to report. We will show you where our visions and ideas in the world of electromobility are heading.

You will learn how internationally we are positioned in the field of electromobility and you will find information about Ionity, for which the SPIE Group is allowed to build most of the electric charging stations in Europe.

Nathalie Blumenau, who joined SPIE E-Mobility in January, explains why she chose SPIE and what fascinates you so much about the electromobility market.

The article on intelligent shop networks and the presentation of the E-Mobility Team complete this newsletter.


SPIE is already working in the field of electromobility in many countries. The Ionity Project, which was launched by the vehicle manufacturers VW, BMW, Daimler and Ford with the aim of establishing a European fast charging network for electric vehicles, is certainly one of the showcase projects. In the first step, more than 400 systems with an average of 6 charging stations will be set up. Each individual charging station can provide a charging capacity of up to 350 KW and ensures that the range problem of electric vehicles will be solved in the future. Most of these plants are planned and built by SPIE. This shows impressively that we are already in a position today to successfully implement such large-scale projects.

Joint efforts and strategies, which are discussed and approved in higher commissions within the SPIE Group, ensure that synergies are bundled and that SPIE will be a major player in the electromobility market in the future and contribute to the systematic development of the charging infrastructure. SPIE takes care of all aspects of the charging infrastructure.

The overview shows the regions in which SPIE is active. In Switzerland, we started our activities on January 1, 2019.

Nathalie Blumenau - Portrait

Sometime in 2010, at the time at Scheider Electric in Lausanne, I slipped into electric mobility by chance. The international group wrote its first market runs and strategies at the time. The topic was extremely fascinating, and for me electromobility remained so when I joined Alpiq. For the past six years, I have been involved in setting up Alpiq E-Mobility and, after initially taking care of many things, I have now mainly been responsible for sales to the energy industry and the public sector, before finally managing sales.

Now I'm happy to push electric mobility forward for SPIE. I knew SPIE from Schneider's time, but it was only in recent months that I really realized how strongly this company had grown and how broadly it was positioned. This offers special opportunities to play a strong role in electromobility.

SPIE's Europe-wide presence in Switzerland is not yet fully appreciated. SPIE is not only one of the largest installation groups in Central Europe, the SPIE Group is also at the forefront when it comes to smart cities, integrated multitech services, efficient buildings and ICT services. In other words, SPIE covers all the trades needed to implement successful electromobility. SPIE also brings experience to the different countries with over 6'000 built charging stations from home to large installations like Tesla or Ionity.

These were important factors in my decision to choose this new employer. Another important point was SPIE's clear decision to actively enter the field of electromobility. The market is now threatened with serious figures, and we will fall by the wayside with a half-hearted commitment. It takes a clear commitment, the right people and the necessary know-how to gain a good place in electric mobility. I am of the opinion that this is the case at SPIE.

Of course, I would also like to mention at this point that I am very pleased to have a complete and experienced team in electric mobility at the start in Switzerland by the summer and thus be able to respond professionally and qualitatively to the market.

I am looking forward to being part of the SPIE in electric mobility and hope to meet you, dear reader, soon.


Our customers and business partners can now rely on a competent team for all matters relating to the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.

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