PROTECTION AGAINST NEW TYPES OF THREATHESAV school of health sciences reference

The solution is based in the cloud, and is the best way of protecting all of your users in just a few minutes.

  • DNS-level protection
  • Protection of PCs/tablets in and outside the network
  • Continuous updating
  • Transparent solution for the user
  • Advanced security reporting

«With the Umbrella solution, we enjoy improved protection for peripherals over which we have no control, reducing the risk of any virus outbreak, phishing or remote CNC.»

Romain Tureckyj, Tools, Systems and Networks Manager, HESAV


  • Effective, simple preventative action against new types of threat.

  • Protecting the workstations of students and school staff.

  • Securing equipment connected to the school network as well as in mobile computing scenarios.


Bringing Cisco Umbrella into service has considerably increased the security level of peripherals connected to the network and of roaming laptops.

Security via DNS rather than a firewall enables online access to be filtered more finely. In addition, peripherals not under direct control can be better protected in order to reduce the risk of any virus outbreak, phishing or remote CNC, and more.

This solution is accompanied by a very effective daily and weekly report. This enables blocked attacks and/or compromised machines to be visualised, and the necessary actions to be taken to secure them.


  • DNS-level protection allows protocols of all kinds, and not just http/https

  • Enables PCs/tablets to be protected both within and outside the network (via the Roaming Agent)

  • Continuous updates and improved responsiveness to protect against new threats

  • Transparent, highly granular solution for users

  • Enables both ‘managed’ (administrative and teaching) equipment and ‘non-managed’ equipment (student and resident laptops) to be protected

  • Improved visibility for blocked threats and advanced security reporting

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With more than 1200 students undertaking initial and postgraduate training, the HESAV School of Health Sciences is one of the largest health schools in French-speaking Switzerland. Located at the heart of the CHUV hospital complex, HESAV offers university-level training in the HES bachelor degree’s four educational areas: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Midwifery and Radiology Technology.

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