Breach ProtectionManaged Endpoint Detection
and Response Service

The SPIE Endpoint Detection and Response service secures your business from endpoint to the cloud in one powerful and simple platform.

  • Protection for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • XDR functions
  • Automated response
  • 24/7 MDR Services

Business resilience requires
comprehensive protection of your digital landscape.


Rapid deployment for immediate impact


Matchless flexibility for seamless integration


Absolute simplicity to optimize workflows

Permanent control of your environment

A highly automated platform supported by a dedicated team of cyber specialists monitor your endpoints 24x7 for anomalous behavior. This enables swift and efficient reaction to prevent threats or minimize the impact. This is a focusedapproach for optimal results and permanent control of the integrity of your environment.

  • Detect and remediate suspicious or malicious activity: on files, user, network, hosts
  • Comprehensive endpoint protection for the hybrid workforce, equally effective in the office or when working remotely

By choosing Endpoint Detection and Response as a 24/7 managed service, you secure your environment together with our cybersecurity team -actively, proactively, and permanently.


  • Protection for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • XDR capabilities
  • Automated Response
  • 24/7 MDR Services
  • Integrated SIEM/SOAR
  • SaaS Monitoring
  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
  • Deception
  • Reporting
  • Prevention and remediation

We are dedicated to providing innovative cybersecurity solutions to support your business objectives while delivering value and effectiveness.


Our services are based on industry best practices, current certifications and a modern process-oriented methodology.

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