Customer-Oriented Contact Point 2.0Suva Reference Case

Suva is automating and streamlining its Contact Center processes with a solution implemented by SPIE ICS.

  • SAP functionality always available
  • No additional interfaces
  • Integration of Skype for Business
  • Simplifies and modernises workspace
  • TCO reduced

«The SPIE ICS solution allowed us to significantly improve our communication procedures by mapping out specialist and business processes, and thus to increase employee motivation and reduce our running costs.»

- Markus Wey, Project Manager Customer Services Center

The aim

The Suva Contact Center is able to offer external and internal receipt and further processing of a wide variety of inquiries regarding various media.

The aim of the project was to integrate and standardise existing Contact Center platforms, i.e. those provided by Unify and Genesys, with SAP integration once again to be usable throughout. Integrating Microsoft’s ‘Skype for Business’ solution (which was also new) was another solution component, and had to be implemented with the platform standardisation. In addition, the centralised platform was designed to be implemented and maintained by a solution provider in order to facilitate administration.


Genesys PureConnect – highly available, geo-redundant in two VMware data centres with the following fully integrated components:

  • Multimedia channel contact center for voice, email and chat
  • Full SAP CRM integration across all media
  • Voice and screen recording for quality assurance purposes
  • ‘Skype for Business’ integration
  • Management tools
  • Local media gateways


Thanks to complete integration of the Genesys PureConnect Contact Center solution into the SAP CRM, the Suva Customer Service offers the entire range of functions found within SAP applications at all times, meaning that
Suva-specific business processes can still be used without additional interfaces. Integrating ‘Skype for Business’ into the agent’s specific user interface significantly simplifies and modernises the workspace, and reducing the complexity of operation, maintenance and servicing has enabled the TCO to be noticeably reduced.


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