Managed Service for your MeetingsDigital Meeting Spaces

Modernize your meeting and conference rooms and make them fit for the digital age.

  • Work from anywhere
  • No additional licenses and/or device costs
  • Interoperability with third-party vendors
  • Managed service

Comprehensive Managed Service

Digital Meeting Spaces (DMS) from SPIE is a managed service for modern collaboration. Our unique combination of cloud-based, first-class communication technology, and professional operation guarantees you a consistent always-on digital experience.


The DMS service provides you with an on-demand, out-of-the-box video conferencing environment with little to no effort from the user's perspective. The technology chosen is vendor-certified (in this case, Microsoft) and selected by SPIE after evaluation and customer feedback.

Experienced SPIE Solution Architects tailor our proven and standardized solutions (small - medium and large room packages) to your exact technical needs.

Meetings where you get things done

At the heart of our solution is Microsoft Teams, which is already in use worldwide as part of Microsoft 365 and can be used by any employee within a very short time.

We offer solutions for every room and space available. Our service takes your wishes into account and offers video conferencing systems for small, medium and large spaces.

Room Space Small

Small Space

  • Logitech Rally Bar Mini
  • Suitable for 1-4 people
  • Desk with 1-2 seats or 1-4 seats in a lounge
  • Standing desk for 1-2 people
  • Focus room for 1 person
Rooms Spaces Medium

Medium Space

  • Logitech Rally Bar
  • Suitable for 4-8 people
  • desk with 4-8 seats or 4-6 seats in a lounge
  • Standing desk for 4-8 people
  • Option: microphone capsules on tables
Room Space Small

Large Space

  • Logitech Rally Plus
  • Suitable for 8-16 people
  • Desk with 8-16 seats
  • Standing desk for 4-8 people

Best User Experience

Cable clutter is a thing of the past. Plus, enjoy intuitive operation and first-class audio and video conferencing.

Holistic user experience

Thanks to our service, you also enjoy optimized workflows before and after meetings. Integration with existing and new tools opens up new possibilities and embodies open and constructive collaboration.

Next generation meetings

Benefit from an intuitive, proven, and easy-to-use experience in any room. Apply a holistic hybrid meeting user experience before, during, and after the meeting.

First-class upgrade with Logitech Scribe

Designed for whiteboard sharing in the modern workplace. Built-in AI in Scribe automatically removes the presenter (ghosting technology) and highlights whiteboard content so text and drawings are equally clear to remote and in-room participants.

Total Cost of Ownership

Although our service is fully managed with SLAs, it remains scalable, innovative and offers the latest technology.

Satisfied users

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and intuitive operation, you increase the productivity and motivation of your employees. Enable them to work from anywhere, collaborate effectively, and increase participant satisfaction remotely.


SPIE Digital Meeting Spaces were developed with the Microsoft Teams Rooms service as the underlying video conferencing software platform.

  • Ad hoc meeting - with additional participants - ad hoc room
  • Regular meetings - with additional ad hoc participants - reserved room
  • Ad hoc meeting - ad hoc room
  • Shared desk / personal space
  • Interoperability (e.g. Cisco WebEx with Teams Meetings)
  • Large Space meeting, regular participants, interactive with external participants (outside the organization).
  • White board app for hybrid collaboration
  • Magic Board - integration of a physical whiteboard with Logitech Scribe and its ghosting technology


Work from everywhere Icon
Work from everywhere
Joining meetings is as easy as making a phone call. Except that in a hybrid configuration, one or more meeting rooms join a conference with individual participants remotely.
The fully automated search function for meeting rooms in your offices supports ad-hoc meetings.
All costs under control Icon
All costs under control
The client enables meetings, calls, seamless sharing of content - all through an intuitive application, eliminating the need for cables or clickshare to connect laptops.
The Cisco Webex Video Integration for Microsoft Teams, provided by SPIE, enables customers to connect to Digital Meeting Spaces without the need for an additional interoperability solution.
Investment protection Icon
Investment protection
Our service supports the integration of existing equipment in existing meetings, such as whiteboards, flipcharts or video projectors into the digital meeting room experience.
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