Frédéric Noyer joins SPIE Switzerland to build a new Cybersecurity Governance Service


SPIE Switzerland announces the appointment of Frédéric Noyer to the position of Head of Governance.

Frédéric Noyer joins SPIE Switzerland to build a new Cybersecurity Governance Service

With a rich background in information security and technology, Mr. Noyer brings a wealth of expertise to SPIE ICS AG, the Swiss digital services company, enhancing its capabilities in tackling emerging cyber threats. 

Having held various key positions in the realm of information security, notably with major players in the industry, Mr. Noyer's experience is set to significantly contribute to the development and implementation of SPIE ICS AG’s information security Governance services in Switzerland. His proven track record in assessing complex environment, applying and maintaining tailored methods to overcome customers information security challenges aligns perfectly with SPIE's commitment to be the key partner in cybersecurity. 

In his new role, Mr. Noyer will focus on developing Governance Division and its services (i.e. ISO27001/NIST1 gap analysis, IS2 risk assessment, ISMS implementation, CISO3 as a Service, DPO4 as a Service, Suppliers assessment, etc.), and conduct consulting mandates to assist small, medium and large companies in their journey to strengthen their security posture, creating and maintaining a data privacy culture and to comply with applicable regulations and standards. His appointment underlines SPIE's dedication to investing in the best talent to lead its cybersecurity initiatives. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Frédéric Noyer to our team," states Christophe Francey, Chief Technology Officer at SPIE ICS AG in Switzerland. "His extensive experience and strategic approach to cybersecurity are vital assets to SPIE ICS AG as we continue to expand our services in the face of the rapidly evolving digital threats." 

For more information about SPIE ICS Switzerland and its cybersecurity services, please visit:

1 Cybersecurity framework from the American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
2 Information Security Risk Assessment
3 CISO : Chief Information Security Officer
4 DPO : Data Protection Officer

Press Release Frédéric Noyer (PDF)
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