SPIE ICS AG receives ‘Cisco Customer Experience Specialization’


SPIE ICS AG meets the requirements for the newly created 'Cisco Customer Experience Specialization'. This focuses on customer satisfaction and long-term individual customer needs.

SPIE ICS AG receives ‘Cisco Customer Experience Specialization’

The Customer Experience (CX) aims to fulfill the customer's needs and to guarantee the customer the resulting maximum benefit of a solution. Not only the IT-relevant benefits but also the business-focused benefits play a major role.

The specialization attaches great importance to the individual further development of the solution after completion of the projects. To this end, the roles of Customer Success Manager and Renewal Manager are now mandatory. These ensure that the desired results are achieved throughout the entire lifecycle of the solution.

More information about CX in the Cisco blog

Our goal of helping our customers achieve the best results for their business is also reflected in our values of performance, proximity and responsiveness - sustainable and efficient now with Cisco's CX Customer Experience Specialization

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