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  • Complete audit
  • Expert advice with defining objectives and ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Support with functional analysis - overall plan
  • Implementation of practical, interoperable, proven technical solutions with remote management
  • Selection of open systems




  • New construction projects, upgrades or redevelopment in busy environments
  • Systems integration and deployment
  • Management of the bid in all technical building trades
  • Change management



  • Quality and rapid local intervention to ensure comfort and safety
  • Maintaining in regulatory-compliant operational condition
  • Operation, management and managed services
  • Energy management and consumption optimisation with performance guarantees
  • Traceability - creation of performance indicators, technical reports and user satisfaction surveys


Contact :

Chemin des Léchères, 3
CH- 1217 Meyrin
Tel. : +41 (0)22 719 88 88


Our operating companies specialise in specific sectors:

  • Infrastructure
  • Industry & Energy
  • Buildings




Your project is unique; we have extensive expertise. This enables us to offer you tailored solutions from design through to commissioning of your installations with guarantees in relation to cost optimisation and a successful outcome.



Hamard SA
Based in the cantons of Geneva and Fribourg, Hamard SA, a SPIE MTS SA company, is an expert in outdoor electrical infrastructure in the transport and energy, public authorities and telecommunications sectors.

Electrotech SA
Located in French-speaking Switzerland for more than 20 years, Electrotech SA, a SPIE MTS SA company, can provide support in all sectors of industry and energy production, combining technical expertise and local service.


Hamard SA Electrotech SA

Hamard SA / Electrotech SA
Chemin des Léchères, 3
CH- 1217 Meyrin

Tel. : +41 (0)22 753 99 00
E-mail : [email protected]

Tel. : +41 (0)22 989 08 88
E-mail : [email protected]


Motorways, buses, trams, metros, airports, car parks, etc. Hamard SA works in all areas of transport, satisfying the growing need for sustainable mobility for people and goods. Its solutions are aimed at creating “smart infrastructure” that contributes to improving the quality and safety of transport, thereby better catering to users and reducing the environmental impact.



  • Securing and improving transport flows within cities and across the country
  • Improving transport operator performance
  • Putting sustainable development at the heart of mobility


Supporting public transport
In many regions of Europe, SPIE has developed its own operations support and passenger information system: this innovative system enables, among other things, the provision of online multimodal information services, catering for disability and integration between ticketing, CCTV and urban traffic management systems.



Turnkey telecommunications solutions
As one of the leading integrators of telecommunications services and networks, Hamard SA works with operators throughout the value chain, from the feasibility study to infrastructure deployment, service implementation and maintenance of sites, connections and equipment.




  • Support the growth in digital exchanges
  • Provide innovative services to users
  • Reduce the environmental impact of telecommunications
  • Ensure the continued long-term operation of infrastructure



An expert in electrical engineering, Hamard SA offers a range of services for electricity networks and electrical equipment:


  • Conventional and renewable energy power stations
  • Electrical transformers and sub-stations
  • Public and private distribution systems
  • Our solutions provide an answer to current and future challenges.
  • Our modern, efficient cable-pulling equipment allows for the creation of networks in all possible configurations in accordance with operational and environmental constraints.



We can offer you cutting-edge equipment and technology with installations that are carried out in compliance with Swiss lighting regulations. Our services range from design through to the supply of luminaires and infrastructure as well as their installation and connection.



By means of an IPMVP-certified analysis of lighting measurements and energy efficiency, Hamard SA can provide lighting solutions that help to reduce energy consumption.


We design and install lighting for:

  • Public authorities (streets and roads, festive lighting, etc.)
  • Private sites
  • Sports facilities
  • Spotlights for buildings
  • Illuminated signs


Our maintenance solutions ensure the continued efficiency and operation of your lighting, thereby helping to minimise maintenance costs.



Cities are beautiful when they can breathe…
Urban developments have to satisfy numerous requirements to ensure the free flow of trade, access control, the provision of information to infrastructure users and the safety of citizens.



Alongside public authorities or private developers, Hamard SA contributes to economic and social development by optimising infrastructure and anticipating future needs. Through its innovative solutions tailored to your environment, Hamard SA works on turnkey projects for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of:

  • Street furniture
  • CCTV
  • Retractable barriers and bollards




Fanac & Robas SA
We provide a range of services covering the design and installation of mains-power and low-power electrical systems.


Fanac & Robas SA also offers turnkey solutions in the area of telecommunications, universal wiring systems for buildings and fibre optic networks.


Viscom System SA
Relying on Viscom System’s expertise gives you the assurance that all your projects in the Vaud region, from the most basic to the most ambitious, will be successfully completed.

Significant investments are continuously being made at all levels of the company, both to ensure that efficient service is provided and to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Thanks to its extensive expertise in various interconnected areas, Viscom System is able to not only provide an overall vision, but also global and tailor-made solutions.


Fanac & Robas SA Viscom Systems SA


Fanac & Robas SA
Rue de Lyon 107
1203 Genf

Tel.: +41 22 339 77 30
E-mail: [email protected]


Viscom System SA
Avenue des Alpes 29
1820 Montreux

Tel.: +41 21 965 31 21
E-mail: [email protected]

We have extensive experience in the area of general electrical work for buildings.


From grand villas to rental apartments, we have adapted our work processes to meet the specific requirements of each sector. As an equipment integrator, we have full freedom to propose the equipment best suited to each project.


We work within the context of renovations as well as new construction. Moreover, our presence in the Geneva market for more than 50 years serves as a gauge of confidence for our clients who include architects, developers, public real estate companies, general contractors and agents.


In the area of home and building automation and energy efficiency we have extensive in-house experience which extends to the provision of certified energy performance contracts.

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Fanac & Robas has completed numerous electrical installation projects for clients involving administrative buildings, head offices and open-plan offices.

We work in all areas of mains-power electricity:

  • Three-phase installation, lighting, back-up power supplies, power for utilities (HVAC, etc.)



In the area of low-power installations, our expertise covers the entire range of requirements for the following tertiary systems:

  • Computer cabling, security equipment (CCTV, access control, fire protection, etc.), signage, building automation.


In the area of telecommunications we can fulfil all your needs, from installation of the telephone exchange to all voice, data and video lines.


Our experience with energy efficiency in the large-scale tertiary sector means we can offer extensive expertise with an approach to energy efficiency that extends to energy performance contracts.


Public buildings play a key role in a city’s image and activities.


Owing to our long-standing experience with the construction of crèches, schools, community halls and leisure and sports centres, we possess all the skills required to ensure the successful completion of projects in these areas in accordance with the regulations specific to social and educational establishments.


Public buildings play a key role in a city’s image and activities.


Owing to our long-standing experience with the construction of crèches, schools, community halls and leisure and sports centres, we possess all the skills required to ensure the successful completion of projects in these areas in accordance with the regulations specific to social and educational establishments.


We are able to cater to all types of commercial installations, from supermarkets to luxury arcades.


Our experience and organisation enable us to cater to your specific construction requirements and deadlines to deliver a project in accordance with your schedule.


We can take care of all mains-power, low-power and telecommunications systems as well as applications specific to your activity.

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With 6 sites in Romandy, we are there for you at any time.


Meyrin Hamard SA
Chemin des Léchères 3
1217 Meyrin
  Phone : +41 22 753 99 00
les 3 Lacs
Hamard SA
Route de Marechets 139
1541 Bussy
  Phone : +41 26 665 95 05



Meyrin Electrotech SA
Chemin des Léchères, 3
CH- 1217 Meyrin
  Phone : +41 22 989 08 88



Geneva Fanac & Robas SA
Rue de Lyon 107
1203 Geneva
  Phone: +41 22 339 77 30



Montreux Viscom System SA
Avenue des Alpes 29
1820 Montreux
  Phone : +41 21 965 31 21
 Lausanne Viscom System SA
Route de Denges 28e
1027 Lonay
  Phone :  0844 844 344