Welcometo the New Way Of Working

The way we work has changed. We have therefore adapted our working environment in Bern to the new requirements with our ICT services.

  • Hybrid working from anywhere
  • User-centric meeting spaces
  • Healthy and safe work environment
  • Latest IoT technologies

New Way of Working breaks with previous office habits. It is a hybrid concept of working in the office, at the customer's premises and in the home office.

The design of the areas is open and more lively in contrast to conventional offices separated by walls.

Take a tour with Zubi through our office

It's not every day that we can look forward to such a great guest.

A throwback when Zubi, former national team goalie, visited us in Bern and marvelled at the #championsleague feeling.

The majority of workstations are available on the shared desk principle. This means that there are generally no longer any fixed workstations. The use of the space is thus increased by the multi-person use, which on the other hand is reflected in a reduction of the total office space.

The focus was
on four main areas:


Full potential exploited thanks to new spatial arrangement


Increase productivity thanks to ergonomic changes


Easy and efficient work - everywhere


Employee well-being guaranteed at all times


The spatial arrangement is wide and open. This allows enough space to maintain spacing as needed and give employees enough room even with an open office.

«The goal was to make the space what it is: Learning, thinking and working spaces that contribute to the well-being of the people who will be in the newly created environments and enable their full potential.»

Daniel Rindlisbacher, owner of Breitblick AG


Ergonomic modifications increase productivity and improve work accuracy. Holistic ergonomics can drastically reduce numerous harmful influences - from possible physical pain to long-term sick leave.

A wide variety of workspaces, designed for the work at hand, boost employee morale. The range of choices promotes movement in the workplace and encourages sedentary and standing work.  This prevents posture problems, boosts metabolism and improves employee collaboration.

«In the current office environment, it's easy to find the right space for every employee activity and need - whether agile, team-oriented, creative or focused.»

Tiziano Cammarata, Team Leader of Kinnarps Suisse SA


The entire office space is equipped for mobile working. This allows maximum flexibility for employees. Fixed connections are only partially available for the conference systems in the meeting rooms. With Cisco Webex systems and video solutions from Logitech/Microsoft, the Digital Meeting Spaces are easily integrated into the laptop environment, ensuring effortless and efficient work through plug-in/plug-out.


The zeitgeist has shown that selective measures for the health of employees are an important element. CO2 sensors in meeting rooms, ventilation in soundproof meeting boxes, lighting systems that adapt to daylight or antiviral air circulation in the cafeteria - care is taken to ensure employee well-being at all times. The integrated waste disposal management and the managed plant service round off the concept.

Environment and financial

Not to be dismissed are also the financial aspects that come into effect with the adapted working environment. By reducing the number of workstations from 130 to 84, the reduction in space in general, the optimized lighting infrastructure and the managed waste disposal, it was possible to achieve a cost optimization of 30% - despite generous, modern space planning. The fact that not only costs but also CO2 are saved is an intended, positive side effect.

Want to see more?

In a short virtual tour you will learn everything about the highlights of our new office environment in Bern.

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