Breach ProtectionManaged Network Detection
and Response Service

The SPIE Network Detection and Response service provides laser sharp focus on the integrity of your network.

  • Increasing internet security
  • Network detection and response
  • Threat hunting
  • Comprehensive reporting

Visibility is one of the key strengths
of an effective cybersecurity strategy.


Immediately informed about the most important events


Increase the performance of your team


Das Budget im Griff dank transparenten & festgelegten Preis

Permanente Kontrolle Ihres Netwerks

A dedicated team of cyber specialists monitor your internet traffic 24/7 for anomalous behavior. This enables swift and efficient reaction to prevent threats or minimize the impact. This is a targeted approach for optimal results and permanent control of the integrity of your network.

  • Visibility and analysis of your internet traffic
  • Scope includes endpoints, servers IoT, Industrial IoT
  • Risk reduction by the comprehensive coverage
  • Strenghening of overall security posture
  • Detection of command and control communications
  • Reduce time to detect and respond

Become the hunter - instead of being the hunted - with our Network Detection and Response Service!

When you choose Network Detection and Response as a 24/7 Managed Service, you secure your environment permanently together with our Cyber Security Team.


  1. Thanks to our service, the integrity of your network is continuously monitored throughout the company

  2. Attackers' communication patterns are identified independently of specific malware or signatures; compromises and other affected systems are quickly detected

  3. Your reaction time in the event of a security incident is drastically reduced!

  4. Targeted incident response measures can be initiated immediately, even before significant damage occurs

  5. Time-consuming forensic examinations are thus greatly reduced or avoided altogether

  6. All systems in your organisation are monitored, regardless of their operating system, device type or logging capabilities.

We are dedicated to providing innovative cybersecurity solutions to support your business objectives while delivering value and effectiveness.


Our services are based on industry best practices, current certifications and a modern process-oriented methodology.

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