SPIE strengthens its multi-technical services activity in Switzerland by creating SPIE MTS


Subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, SPIE Switzerland is harmonising its presence on the Swiss market and strengthening its multi-technical services activity by creating SPIE MTS, combining the Hamard, Fanac & Robas, Electrotrech and SPIE MTS Smart Building subsidiaries.

SPIE strengthens its multi-technical services activity in Switzerland by creating SPIE MTS

Operating in French-speaking Switzerland, SPIE MTS (abbreviated to "Multi-Technical Services") capitalises on the reputation of the SPIE brand and offers a comprehensive range of multi-technical services based on a wide range of expertise in infrastructure, energy, buildings and industry. With this new organisation, SPIE continues to promote innovation. All employees remain in employment.

"We are delighted with this merger, which will be beneficial for our employees, customers and partners," said Pierre Savoy, Managing Director of SPIE Switzerland. "This is an opportunity to strengthen our leadership position, broaden our services and better meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and society”. SPIE Switzerland is one of the largest multi-technical service companies in Switzerland in the fields of communications, industry and E-Mobility. Thanks to the synergies resulting from this integration, SPIE MTS is positioning itself as a global partner in the smart city, e-fficient buildings, energies and industry services markets.

SPIE MTS consists of two departments: Smart Building and Smart City & Infrastructure. Smart Building provides a range of energy performance services from design to operation and maintenance of low-energy intelligent buildings. Smart City & Infrastructure covers intelligent urban planning, particularly in terms of communication infrastructure, mobility, public facilities, security, energy, as well as solutions and services dedicated to industry, transport and energy distribution.

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