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How we behave

The SPIE Group employs more than 46,000 people in many European countries and overseas.  SPIE has a long history of commitment to the safety and health of its employees.

Due to this we see it as our duty to fulfil our responsibility towards our employees, customers and business partners. We achieve this by controlled and appropriate response in accordance with established best practice processes. Due to the different situations in the individual countries, the respective domestic company is responsible for the measures taken.

Based on past experience of potential possible pandemics (avian flu, swine flu, etc.) and our certified ISO processes, SPIE Switzerland has activated a dedicated crisis management team. This team coordinates indicated measures based on continuously updated information from the FOPH.

At present, all employees have been informed about the measures taken to prevent infection and are requested to phone a doctor (GP or Hausarzt) immediately in the event of suspicion. All precautions have also been taken to ensure the security of the current business operations.

We can assure our customers that the SPIE services continue to function normally despite the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The necessary measures have already been implemented as part of our business continuity plan to ensure the high availability of our platforms, servers and infrastructure and to continue to provide reliable services from our Service Operation Center.

We are monitoring the measures recommended by the FOPH and have implemented them accordingly.

General information:

Self quarantine:

Recommendation for work: Wherever possible we implement Home Office

Due to the current constantly changing situation, we reserve the right to take further measures and to keep our employees, customers and business partners informed through an open communication policy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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